October 17th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Because I have nothing to say on my own, I bring you links.

So, anyone want an insanely long linkspam? First, a few about current events, with a bit of bias:

-- Jez talks about the controversy over retouching magazine covers and the issue of women and the Selective Service.
-- The BBC reports on a 106-year-old nun will be voting for Obama.
-- On a sober note: The NYT writes about women struggling to combat the epidemic of rape in Congo.
-- Vogue Magazine has a fascinating profile of Jill Biden. Yay for teachers!
-- Something I know all too well as a teacher in a "struggling" school: Under 'No Child' law, even solid schools falter. I challenge politicians to set aside test scores and actually visit some of these schools, then tell us we're still "failing".
-- Time asks if teachers should endorse a candidate. I actually say "no", at least within the classroom itself, though I'm all for (even-handed) discussions of political issues.
-- Okay, setting aside any candidate bias, is it really a good idea to name your child "Sarah McCain Palin"? Or ANY politically-related name, period. Let 'em be in office for a few years, then go hogwild.
-- And yeah, on a biased note: Civil rights leader Andrew Young casts a vote for a black Presidential candidate.

Pop culture stuff:

-- Check out the trailer for Wife of GOB's Amy Poehler's new web show, Smart Girls at the Party, celebrating geeky-cool young girls. EXCELLENT.
-- Slate reveals Emily Dickinson's secret lover!
-- Best news ever? Amy Sedaris gets her own sitcom!
-- Dean Winters in Jezebel! Okay, just a list of various men Carrie from SatC hooked up with. But still! Dean!
-- TVbytheNumbers has an interesting list of how DVRs affect TV ratings. And on a semi-related note: where the hell is my beloved 30 Rock?
-- Check out the cracktastic musings of Fake Anderson Cooper on Twitter.
-- Today's laugh riot: Kaitlin Olson (from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) performs the funeral scene from Steel Magnolias.
-- Go Fug Yourself hilariously celebrates the work of James E. Reilly, a writer for Passions and Days of Our Lives.
-- To help us through the dark days ahead, SciFi presents a new spinoff, Battlestar Galactica: Miami.
-- Ken Tucker of EW begs us to pretty please watch Life. Please.
-- And finally, one of the EW writers discovers fan fiction and wants to know if we read/write it.