October 6th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

This American LJ Post

Okay, okay. I'll cry uncle on the issue of backing into parking spaces! To me, it still seems rather fussy and more accident-prone, though that might be because I've never been as good at backing up when hemmed in on both sides. BUT now I can see the merit, and I hadn't considered that many people would find it easier and safer. So, I guess I'll just say "To each their own!" and be more understanding of alternative parking methods. ;)

On my daily commutes, I've been catching up on my podcast backlog of This American Life. Last weekend's episode was "Another Frightening Show about the Economy", in which they take the hour to explain the financial meltdown to those of us whose money knowledge is pretty much limited to the quarterly statements from Valic about our 401(K). I adore TAL, and I figure this is an opportunity for some good old fashioned pimping.

For those who've never heard of it, This American Life is a weekly hourlong public radio show. Each week they have a theme; some recent ones were "Fear of Sleep" and "The Truth Will Out". The stories are told in a very conversational format, rather than a formal interview -- ordinary people just telling stories about their lives. Despite the title, it's not really America-centric at all, so I think even non-Americans would really enjoy it. For example, yesterday I listened to an episode from last June, in which a young man from Iraq talked about how, just before the war started, his job was to represent Iraqi teenagers to the world at large. Episodes are available for free on iTunes for the week after they air, and you can listen to many of the older episodes on the website. They're especially good for long commutes!

... And thus concludes my PSA for today. ;) Now I'm feeling the need to take a nice, long nap.