September 27th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Floating dog heads, and other news.

First, some sad news. Paul Newman died yesterday.

[The goofy linkspam I'd planned this morning now seems rather inappropriate. So, uh, please take it in the spirit originally intended!]

-- stoney321 has discovered Edward Cullen's (from Twilight) love letters to Sarah Palin. Yes, it's as deliciously cracktastic as you'd expect (though not really partisan or bashy.)
-- Also making the rounds: a cat plays green light red light. And I got a kick out of this video about yarn bullies.
-- Jez defends the divine Tina Fey from charges that she's too self-deprecating. And Portfolio has an interesting article on how much she is worth.
-- Breaking news: Wealthy Teen Nearly Experiences Consequences.
-- I lovelovelove this set of Mad Men wallpapers. Even if you've never seen the show, the retro art is gorgeous, especially this one with '60s cocktails.
-- From the Smithsonian: Was Stonehenge really a health spa? The writing here is marvelous.
-- Mo Ryan posted a map of the entire route of The Amazing Race 13. Officially released by CBS, so it's legit. TAR13 tomorrow! WHEE!
-- Ooh, while setting my Tivo pass for TAR, I noticed that DiscoveryHD is rerunning Planet Earth over the next two Sundays.
-- USAToday has a fun list of movies and TV shows that have filmed in all 50 states.
-- The American Prospect wants to know why we haven't seen many superheroine movies.
-- And Creative Loafing has a funny list of bizarre photos used to illustrate's news stories. I'm especially fond of floating dog head.