September 14th, 2008

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Bring on the new season!

First, thanks for all the comments about The Sarah Connor Chronicles last Friday. Before tomorrow's ep, I'll rewatch the premiere and see what I think, in light of the replies. As I said the other day, I really appreciate the complexity and resonance of the plot and characterization, but I just can't connect on that emotional level. (Well, except for Dean Winters, but then I'm biased. ;) Ah, well. I do really want to become a huge fan, and maybe eventually I'll get there. Until then, I'll certainly keep watching.

Time for the new TV season, even if it's far more lackluster than in the past. Thank heavens I now have a dual-tuner TiVo! Many timeslots have two shows I want to see, though I'm sure several will drop out as the season wears on. Monday at 8pm is the killer, with FOUR shows I genuinely like. Looks like I'll be doing some downloading. So, here's my schedule grid for Fall '08, with many returning faves and quite a few others I'll give a shot. And before you boggle at the length of the list, remember that I watch way too much television. *g*

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In other news....

I should've filled up my car on Friday, but I didn't realize that most of the stations around here would run out of gas. It's insane! My tank was getting close to empty, and I have to go across town after school tomorrow for an inservice. Couldn't wait. When I headed out this afternoon, I passed SIX stations that were empty with plastic bags over the pumps. Finally found a Chevron for $4.23/gal. (Yes, I know this is cheap compared to other nations, but the average price in Atlanta apparently went up 50 cents from Thursday to Sunday.)

For the past month, I've had pain in my right heel. It starts in the morning and abates somewhat during the day, but when it's bad I'm to the point of serious limping. Mostly just soreness like when you've been standing too long, rather than a sharp pain, so I'm hoping that it's not a minor fracture. [ETA: Sounds like it's plantar fasciitis. Guess it's time to go to the doctor.]

As if this post weren't already long enough, here are some links!

-- Yeah, I link to the NYTimes quite often, but they have some great stuff. 1) The art and science of wheelchair basketball. 2) The story of a male albino fashion model. 3) A profile of Bruce Campbell.
-- From Jez: The 8 worst hairdos a man can have.
-- Salon's "Ask the Pilot" has a great piece on a female Sikh pilot for American Airlines. Salon also interviews Kevin Smith about Zack & Miri, and he has some interesting thoughts on the MPAA.
-- Indi linked me to a fun bit of twittering classic literature.
-- I had no idea that knitting inspires so much wank! ;)
-- TVWeek has some rumors about the Dollhouse shutdown.
-- And the HuffPo is very concerned about Taylor Momsen. Ditch the eyeliner, dearie, and you'll be fine.