September 7th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Just call me "Betty".

Last night I dreamt that my boyfriend was Don Draper.

Oh, dear. Charming, handsome, intelligent... fucked-up, sexist, possibly sociopathic Don Draper. And the weirdest part is that it wasn't even a hot 'n sex-ay dream. Nope, we were doing totally normal things like cooking satay chicken after work or going to the mall. It was snowing! This is very, very weird and may say disturbing things about my psyche. I'm scared.
*gen - tiffany

The circle of life!

1. Last night I had one of those *whoa* moments. Was chatting with my sister, and she told me about all the new words that my 18mo nephew has learned. Though he's usually stone-silent when she holds the phone up to him, this time she asked in Mommy Voice, "Neph, what do cows say?" And suddenly I heard this tiny "Moo". Then she asked about sheep, and I heard "Baa". OH MY GOD. I damn near started crying. It's such a silly little thing, but finally hearing the baby *talk* suddenly made him become a little person to me. Wow. Just wish I lived closer so that I could hear him talk more often!

2. Time for some knitspam. Yesterday I finally finished a scarf that I began last spring then set aside. I also began a shawl, though I'm not sure why because I doubt I'll ever wear a shawl. I love that the pattern is titled Adamas Shawl; can you picture him wearing one? And despite my resolve to take a sock break, I poked around Ravelry and found Maelstrom socks. It's destiny, huh? ;) I bought the pattern online last night, but I have to wait for my Paypal to clear before they send the .pdf. Grr. The Twist Collective site is pretty good so far, though, and I kinda love that they have a new sweater called Wisteria. Too bad it would look dreadful on me. Also, if I knit with the recommended yarn, that's nearly $200. No, thanks. I'd consider knitting more sweaters if decent-quality yarn were cheaper. Anyway! Collapse )

3. I'm so eager for summer to be over. This year my biggest problem has been that my scalp sweats the minute I step outside, thus making my hair look greasy and ruining any attempts at styling. Ugh. I've never had this problem before, and my current haircut is fairly short.

4. Right now I'm watching 60 Minutes. Yeah, I know it's supposedly boring and too staid, but I've watched it most of my life, and something about the serious tone really appeals to me. Go figure. I also like this show on NatGeo, Seconds from Disaster. It's all about plane crashes and train derailments and volcanoes. I'm such a sucker for disasters.

5. Linkspam time.
-- Salon gives this year's "Buffy" award for Most Underappreciated Series to The Shield. I'm sure it's a magnificent series, but it's one of those I have no desire to watch.
-- They also have a really interesting article on the history of knowledge.
-- I laughed until I cried at The Daily Show's faux biography, "Barack Obama: He Completes Us". The shot of his head on Simba's body is just priceless.
-- I also smiled at this essay: "Russia's Invasion of Georgia" (the US one.)
-- has compiled the 100 Greatest, Gayest Albums.
-- Mental Floss has a handy guide to the difference between a model and a supermodel. And once again I love taking their pop culture quizzes.
-- Finally, a bit of linguistics. Slate has a fascinating article on antimetaboles, the trick where you begin a line, then repeat it with words transposed, e.g. "Is this the end of the linkspam, or is this linkspam the end?"