September 5th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Fast and thorough and sharp as a tack.

Y'know, I've been in a GREAT mood today. I almost even posted about it this morning, but I couldn't find time at work. ;) Excellent day, though, with lots of sunshine and that fabulous Friday feeling. I taught a fairly high-thinking-level lesson today that went quite well and even got kudos from one of the APs. On the way home I got some ice cream. It was just that kind of day! Unfortunately, I can feel my monthly bout of lethargy setting in right now, though at least it's not spoiling my mood. (I tend to also get monthly mopeyness.) Looks like this will be a weekend spent on the sofa. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Didn't feel like watching the cancer benefit, so I watched the boss (the GA state superintendent) on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Okay, yes, the down-home folksy Georgia thing was pretty silly, but it was still fun to watch. Those kids are adorable. Glad to hear that all the money will go to schools for the blind and deaf. I'm sure they could use it quite well!

On the drive home, I played some Cake songs. While I've never been all that interested in 'shippy vids, I suddenly wanted to see a K/L vid to "Love You Madly" (and the official video is pretty hilarious in a Top Chef way.) And for a while I've wanted a Roslin-and-the-Cylon-Women vid to "Short Skirt Long Jacket", but then I fear that song is now too associated with Chuck. Not a bad thing at all, mind you. I miss Chuck.

Speaking of YouTube, this V8 commercial is darling, just for that "are you kidding me?" look on the kid's face.

Anyway! I'll save the linkspam for later. Hope y'all are also having a marvelous day!