September 4th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Coasting along....

I still have absolutely nothing interesting to say, so I'll go with a linkspam instead!

-- In honor of the new TV season, Salon offers snarky clip-guides of the dramas and the comedies. And Tuned In lists the best TV pilots ever.
-- Vulture interviews Sophia Myles.
-- PopWatch asks do you prefer your movie theaters empty or full?
-- (Sad) blast from the past: Any Taylor of Duran Duran talks about his - and the band's - cocaine addiction.
-- Making the rounds: Alison Bechdel talks to NPR about women on television. After you read, check out the blog post for more interesting commentary.
-- Jezebel talks about the "sexy librarian" stereotype.
-- The Times wonders if the cupcake craze will die out.
-- Newsweek lists five surprising benefits of massage.
-- Wired examines Bono's charitable causes.
-- Today's creepy link: ten things your body can do after you die. And non-creepy: ten words that will help you win at Scrabble.
-- And from Slate: Are mechanical pencils better for the environment than the regular wooden kind?