August 30th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

DC Quote of the Day

While watching a cute, Yorkshire-accented actor in a random panel on the Hilton's closed-circuit TV....

Elly: "Oh, my god. Is that Neville Longbottom?"
Me: "Wow, I think it is! He looks like an adult!"
Elly: "He looks like a HOT adult!"

ETA: He just admitted that he plays World of Warcraft. How adorable is he? AND he gave out his WoW handle. "How dumb is that of me? I should've just lied."
*gen - tiffany

Liesl/Rolf OTP!

Reason #427 why I love elly427: She stopped the remote on ABCFamily when she noticed that The Sound of Music is on! She knows me so well.

Anyway. More DC video. Shorter files this time, thanks to me hitting the wrong button once or twice. On the plus side, the Adama/Roslin shippers might be quite happy! :)

Video 1: Why does Adama still wear a wedding ring?
Video 2: More about A/R.
Video 3: The second movie (a joke) will be about the night Adama got laid.
Video 4: Hogan on Tigh and Ellen's relationship, with Tahmoh praising them.

(I'll post two more after dinner.)