August 26th, 2008

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I need a Rapper!Jamie icon.

Today we began narrative writing. My co-teacher had a lesson in which the kids will develop a concept and "pitch" for a television show, as a way to approach creative writing and plot outlines. We led the class in a brainstorm session, in which we decided upon a basic plotline that all students would use. First period chose "a rich person suddenly becomes poor", because poor people becoming rich is soooo overdone. (One student: "That's, like, every episode of Cribs.") Some of the kids had trouble coming up with ideas for characters. One wanted to write about P.Diddy. I told him that we wanted him to write about someone fictional, but he could certainly use P.Diddy as his inspiration – maybe borrow some of the details but make his story about "B.Tibby". (Yes, we're teaching them how to write fanfic.)

Then one of my adorable sixth grade girls turned around and – I swear I'm not making this up – said, "I'll use MC Hammer as my inspiration, but I'm going to call him 'MC Bamber'."

No, she is not a BSG fan. I even repeated it to make sure I'd heard her correctly.

I’m still giggling.
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