August 21st, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Skipping naptime is a bad thing.

Another sign that I'm getting old: I *need* a nap after work. Granted, much of this is because I stay up too late every night and need a bit of early evening sleep to offset that, but still. Today I had a 5:45 haircut appointment -- yes, it looks darling -- which meant no shuteye when I got home. Right now I am flagging.

Only a week until Dragon*Con, and until my darling elly427 arrives from Vancouver! We seem to have some sort of bi-coastal stalking thing going on. ;) For those who are coming, asta77 has been compiling a great list of fandom-related panels. Looks like we'll also have a small Middleman fan panel; unfortunately, it's at the same time as one of the BSG Q&A's. Alas.

Speaking of MM... this headline in the AJC made me laugh when it showed up on my RSS feed: "Middleman files theft complaint against Bigfoot hoaxers". Nothing to do with the show, of course, but it does sound exactly like something he'd do.

Time for links:
-- Two interesting articles: Should the bond of friendship be legally recognized? And USNews investigates the science of aphrodisiacs.
-- The potential downside of the Olympics: After glory of a lifetime, some athletes asking "What now?"
-- An AP writer wants to know Why don't TV stars like to watch television? (C'mon, they can't be that busy.)
-- A local journalist interviewed Rainn Wilson ... and made the mistake of asking him the wrong question. Quite interesting. Love the last line. ;)
-- Three lists from Mental Floss: 7 places Jesus was spotted, 4 cool typing tests, and the 10 most popular tattoo designs.
-- Slate exposes how your printer tricks you into buying ink and toner when you don't need it. Eh, I just wait until the letters fade away.
-- Vulture asks, will this fall's movies be as depressing as last fall's? and why August movies are so bad.
-- The Broadstreet writers debate whether the semicolon is "girlie". Yay, semicolons! Boo to comma splices!
-- For my fellow YA book fans: NPR interviews Walter Dean Myers.
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