August 16th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

The Education of Wisteria

1. Michael Phelps' last race is about to start. I'll probably watch, though I'm a huge jumble of nerves. Hell, I can already feel my heartrate increasing. I really like him and want him to win, but good lord, the media hype is obnoxious. Will the announcers remember that three other men will be racing with him? Sigh. I've discovered that the Olympics are far more enjoyable with judicious use of the mute button.

2. This afternoon I've been watching The Education of Max Bickford. A kind person has uploaded all 22 episodes to YouTube. It won't go on my list of favorite shows, but I'm enjoying it. Young Katee does an excellent job, and she's quite adorable. Good singing, too.

3. Just announced: Nathan Fillion is coming to Dragon*Con. (I'm trying not to think about certain other changes to the guest list. Sigh.) God, those Jossverse panels will be a madhouse. Too bad, because I'd really like to see Fillion speak. On the plus side, two of the Firefly panels are scheduled right after the BSG ones, which means we might have an easier time getting seats, what with ~10,000 people lined up to see Captain Mal. ;) I'm also very, very excited that certain friends of mine (Elly! OMG!) are now coming to D*C!

4. So, where do y'all stand on Collapse )

5. Just a few links this time:

-- The NYT profiles Jon Stewart. They also have a long and fascinating article on New Orleans public schools after Katrina.
-- Three from Mental Floss: the origins of many words and names, funny metaphors used in high school essays, and 25 awesome foods you never knew could be deep fried! I definitely want a Pocket Deep Fryer (TM Jack Donaghy), but I'd never put some of those things in it.
-- From Jezebel: Confessions of a curly-haired traitor.
-- Next month, Alton Brown will have a new series, Feasting on Waves.
-- Via txvoodoo: If you join EHarmony, don't mention that you're a cosplayer.
-- Will Arnett (GOB!) lists 10 TV moments that made him cry. Bonus points for the Amazing Race shout-out.
-- And yeah, I linked to Cake Wrecks last time, but I have to repeat it with this Grand Theft Auto cake for a 4-year-old. Priceless.