August 9th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Sad news.

Bernie Mac died this morning of complications from pneumonia. Wow, this is a shock. I watched the first few seasons of his show, and something about his humor really appealed to me.

Right now I'm watching the women's weightlifting event, which is far more interesting than I'd expected. I like these lesser-known events. If you have HD, then it looks like UHD is showing many of the non-marquee sports -- even those in which Americans aren't competing. Imagine that! I know I probably should've put that tax refund in savings, but I can't feel too guilty when I'm loving the hi-def TV. (Oh, and TiVo has just added a feature where I can watch YouTube on my TV. Very, very cool.)

And now a long-overdue linkspam.

-- Slate celebrates the Lifetime Original Movie v2.0, and one of their writers found many stunning examples of plagiarism in a small Houston-area paper. (Now with a wank report.)
-- Two from my flist: Scarlettfish found the 10 most worthless college majors (I'm #4!), and Zorb linked to "You might be a fan if...." I recognized quite a few of those.
-- Nerve lists the 40 best celebrity rumors ever.
-- From The Daily Show last week: Samantha Bee - The News Better Run.
-- Two from Mental Floss: Red Hot Library Smut (not what it sounds like), and some gorgeous topiary in Beijing.
-- Jezebel asks, should women stop using the word "douchebag"? I concur. And they interview Mathlete Danica McKellar. I need to buy her books.
-- Wired asks, could a little indecency save network TV?
-- Project Runway news: Ladybrille has a cool interview with Korto.
-- A Salon writer is conflicted about Conor Oberst. Another is blown away by the awesomeness of Patti Smith.
--And making the rounds of my blogroll: The A.V. Club isn't thrilled about Manic Pixie Dream Girls in movies.