July 28th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

The lack of "z".

Last week of summer vacation, and I can't sleep. How very, very lovely.

Skiffy has posted the BSG panel at Comic-Con. (NSFW because Kevin Smith loves to curse.) Ah, just found some very, very vague spoilers, starting at around 47:00-45:10. The timestamp is in reverse.

They've also posted SGA, Eureka, and Ghost Hunters. I'm still looking for that S4.5 preview. Funny, I always think, "Oh, I won't post as much fandom stuff during the hiatus!", and then... I keep posting fandom stuff.

And here's that poem from the end of last night's "Mad Men". Collapse )
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*gen - tiffany

Five for Monday

1. Out of curiosity, how many of you have only a cellphone, and no land line at home? It's becoming more common. I'd do a poll, but I tend to overuse those. ;)

2. I love Publix's fried chicken, especially with a side of sweet potatoes. But wow, it's now just sitting in my stomach! Also, the doctor told me to cut back on my caffeine, which means substituting caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper for some of my regular intake. How very depressing.

3. Went to the new school today, picked up my keys (and the state-provided $100 giftcard for school supplies, yay!) and saw my new classroom. Hmm. Smaller than the old one, and it doesn't have a ceiling-mounted LCD projector. DAMN! I used that thing every day; I was apparently very spoiled. Now I'm going to have to make transparencies and write on the board. That sucks. It also doesn't have bookcases, so I'll need to use the giftcard to buy some to hold all those books many of y'all helped me get last year. :)

4. If you missed the K/L fics that elly427 wrote for the porn battle, go to her LJ and check them out. All of them are marvelous, and "Limits" made me speechless. And elzed just posted "The Price of Survival", a scorching Kara/Lee/Sam. Mmm, yes. Also, Asta linked to these gorgeous photos from the Comic-Con panel.

5. A small knitspam! Collapse )

Now I'm off to watch The Middleman and curl up on the sofa until the food coma goes away.