July 9th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Porn Battle!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted porn battle prompts! We've got a pretty diverse list, including some fandoms I've never even heard of. Since I've been compiling these today, I decided to go ahead and post the list of prompts. I'll keep the original deadline, though.

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Enjoy, and please pimp this post so that we can get more participation!

ETA: No need to "claim" a prompt. I'd prefer to keep the comments section for the actual fics and feedback, thanks!
*gen - tiffany

Fandom Prime

A while back, a friend and I joked that we should start a group called "Fandom Prime", for those of us over 30. Fandom is typically a thing for the younger set, especially on LJ, and I'm totally fine with that! I enjoy having lots of younger friends (even if it makes me feel old sometimes!), and I started in online fandom when I was 18. No age discrimination here, promise. But I also love meeting new folks who are in my age group. So, a quickie poll because I adore those things. I've disabled results viewing for those who would rather not let anyone but me know just how old they are. ;)

Are you....

30 or older, and loving it!
30 or older, but don't tell anyone!

And some links while I'm here:

-- Slate celebrates the 100th birthday of Anne of Green Gables.
-- Gold Derby explains why James Spader will probably win the Best Actor Emmy.
-- I'm thrilled about the new reality show Architecture School.
-- The NY Times talks about Gossip Girl fashion and how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie.
-- bop_radar posted a great list of blogs and other cool sites.
-- Via PopWatch, I really like the new album by Air France.
-- Project Rungay has some theories about why S5 has received so little promotion.
-- Via annelise13: how to fold clothes like the Gap.
-- Finally, in fandom news... dionusia has BSG LOLDOGS, and greycoupon found more video of Katee in an odd new online game.