June 25th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

"I shall speak to you of many things found at Wikipedia."

Tonight I saw Eddie Izzard!

I lucked out in a huge way. He was scheduled for two shows here in Atlanta. Both sold out months ago, so I sadly put it out of my mind. Then around 6:50 today, I thought, "Hey, the theater's ten minutes from here. Wouldn't hurt to swing by and see if they've released any tickets." I got there at 7:35 (for an 8pm show) and asked the box office guy if they still had any singles. He smiled and said he had ONE -- and it just happened to be eleven rows from the stage, close to the center. WOW! I whipped out my credit card and paid... well, more than I would've liked, but still under half my monthly cable bill. Amazing seat, barely more than thirty feet from the stage, and since the walkthrough aisle was in front of me, I had tons of legroom. He performed for a little over two hours, which was great as I'd expected half that long. Worth every penny!

If you've seen "Dress to Kill" or "Glorious", this was pretty much along those lines -- which isn't a bad thing at all. Despite the show's title of "Stripped", he did not do the transvestite thing. ;) Some idiots started yelling his greatest hits, but he cut 'em off quickly. He made a point of saying that every word is "tightly scripted", but I love how gleefully random and streams-of-consciousness his routines are. He talked about toilets vs. bathrooms; the Bayeux Tapestry; Wikipedia (including a bit where he used his iPhone to check Wiki for the six wives of Henry VIII); the Stone Age, dinosaurs, and cavemen; whether giraffes cough and are afraid of chairs; Moses; and a long bit on the Greeks and the Roman Empire. I had a GREAT time, though right now I'm quite sleepy. I'll have to curl up on my sofa and rewatch some of his older stuff on YouTube!

P.S. Speaking of Stripped... do go read dionusia's fantabulous new Lee-as-a-stripper crackfic, "All Will Be Revealed"! Just put away any nearby beverages first.