June 19th, 2008

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Firefox and Flash

Since my laptop power cord is currently in transit from Canada, I'm using my work laptop. To use it, I have to login to WinXP as a guest, but once I do that, I have nearly full functionality. No big deal -- the office encourages us to use them at home, so I'm not breaking any rules!

I just downloaded the new Firefox, then I had to redownload Flash. When I tried to install, it said I don't have admin privileges. (Hey, it's technically not MY laptop.) I was only able to install Firefox 3.0 by choosing MyDocuments; otherwise, I got the "admin privileges" warning. I figured I'd just go back to Firefox 2.0 since it *does* have a working version of Flash... except it was apparently overwritten by 3.0. So now I can't view a lot of Flash content online -- which is frustrating because so many sites incorporate it.

Any ideas how to get around this? Thanks in advance!

And while I'm here, another F3 annoyance: nothing in the options box to control how tabs are opened, aside from "new tab/new window". Guess I'll wait for Tabbrowser Preferences to be updated.
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"I've made a huge mistake."

queenofthorns made this awesome BSG/Arrested Development crossover icon. Lee Adama and J. Walter Weatherman! I can't embed the actual clip because of the Flash problems, but "Pier Pressure" is my most favoritest AD episode ("If someone had left a note, this innocent man would still have his arm!!!") God, I miss that show.

I'm not really a fan of crossovers. They usually make me roll my eyes. But a few years ago, a friend challenged me to write BSG/AD, so I came up with "A Colonial Army of One". I have to admit that I'm really proud of that one, just because I somehow managed to get everyone to sound in-character. Plus, it was just fun to write. We need more BSG humor fic, darnit. (I also wrote Galactica/Who, but that wasn't very successful.)

Then I told QoT that people should write more whacked-out BSG crossovers. How about Lee Adama takes a young Matt Saracen under his wing as the two of them bond over absent fathers, the pressures of leadership, and how to stay so damn hot under the influence of all that emo? Or maybe a to-the-death faceoff between Saul Tigh and John Locke? Maybe Laura Roslin schooling Liz Lemon on the finer points of looking fabulous in glasses while kicking ass?

Since I'm all about the levity today... what's the most delightfully crack-tastic crossover fic you've ever read? Which two show universes would be hilarious if combined?