June 18th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Murphy's Flight.

Am finally home, and I'm exhausted. A summary:

1. Had a three-seat row to myself on the Vancouver-DFW flight, which went by quite fast. Only problem? The guy in front of me spilled his coffee into the seat next to him, sending it all over my fancy green knitted socks. Here's hoping it'll wash out. *sigh*

2. At DFW, I took out the power cord to recharge my laptop... only to discover that I had Elly's power cord, and she had mine. Turned on my cellphone and saw a text message from her confirming this. Called and promised to FedEx it back to her. At least I have my work laptop to tide me over.

3. The gate personnel announced that one of the flight attendants hadn't yet shown up, so my 9:35pm flight was delayed until at least 10:30 -- which would put me back in Atlanta after 1:30am, at the earliest.

4. Sis volunteered to pick me up and let me stay at her house in Dallas last night, and the magnificent gate attendant started to change my ticket for a Wednesday flight. Then she mentioned that it might be delayed because of forecast storms, plus I wouldn't have my suitcase. I decided to just take the original flight.

5. That flight was also quite fast, and I had the row to myself again. Finally walked into my apartment at 2:30am.

Overall, I had such a great time. dionusia really is as smart and lovely and sweet and amazing as you'd expect. I'm so glad to have met her and several other great friends in Seattle! elly427 is awesome, and we totally have a separated-at-birth thing going. I expected to like Vancouver, but I didn't expect to LOVE it. I was quite tempted to cancel my return flight!

Now I'm off to the post office to mail the laptop power cord, then catch up on TV and revel in all the yarn I bought on my trip. Mmm.