June 12th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

... even if their dresses clash.

Wow, I think I'm posting more from dionusia's than I normally do back home. Not that this is a reflection upon her hostess skills, mind you. She's marvelous! Homemade berry bread for breakfast! And today she's taking me ... somewhere ... to see some ... stuff! (That's not obfuscation. I wasn't paying enough attention when she said where we were going. ;)

Meanwhile, here are some of the pics from last night's BSG Envelope screening. No "white lace redux", alas, but they're still quite darling. Collapse )

While I'm here, I'll also clear out my bookmarks.

-- Did ya like last night's Top Chef? If so, get ready for the spinoff: Top Chef Junior! *cringe*
-- Dionusia found this rather terrifying video from Colbert: Once you go Bot, you never go back.
-- Aww, Tricia Helfer is in the new Old 97's video!
-- Mo Ryan lists the similarities between BSG and Lost.
-- And via Pop Candy: An acapella group from Carleton College sings the Conchords' "Sello Tape".
-- On some level, I want to applaud this article, but it's just too obnoxious. Newsweek declares: Geek girls can be sexy! Really!
-- The NY Times analyzes Michelle Obama's fashion sense. And they have an aww-inspiring profile of Kyle Chandler.
-- TV Squad sings the praises of Arrested Development's "Motherboy XXX". Paste lists the ten best sitcoms since 1980. Guess what's #1?
-- And for today's creepy quotient: Mental Floss lists 10 incidents at the Bermuda Triangle.

P.S. Confidential to a certain friend: Call either me or Dionusia!