June 9th, 2008

*gen - tiffany


GAH! I managed not to oversleep this morning, which is a rare feat. Got up, took a shower, checked my flight info.

AA #1397 - ATL-DFW - 8:50 - Delayed - now leaving 11:45.

Normally, I wouldn't mind too much. My Vancouver flight leaves DFW at 4:45, so I'd still have a four-hour layover. I could get a few more hours of sleep before I left for the airport. But ... this means I can't see my Mom, sister, and baby nephew in Dallas, and I had REALLY been looking forward to that!

I called their 800# and waited on hold for 30 minutes. They have ATL-DFW flights every hour, and once I got a woman on the phone, I asked if I could switch to the 9:50 flight. She put me on hold a few more times. FINALLY she came back on and said that I am now booked on the 9:50 flight. WHEW! If I'm not delayed again, this means I'll still have about four hours with my family, which is enough time for lunch in Grapevine and tons of baby-cuddling.

And hey, at least now I'll have time to drop off those library books on the way to the airport. ;) Sis, if you're reading this, I'll call you from the airport!
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