June 8th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Adventures in customer service.

Apparently, bring my own shopping bag means that I have to bag my own groceries. Collapse )

On the way home, I stopped at Panera and ordered a Smokehouse Turkey sandwich, which I'd eaten yesterday for the first time and really liked. Collapse )

Anyway! Will be spending much of tomorrow on a plane. I rigged my DFW layover such that I have six hours there, so Mom, Sis, and Nephew are picking me up for a tex-mex lunch and tons of baby-cuddling. Yay! And then it's off to Vancouver, followed by a train to Seattle on Tuesday evening. I'll be hanging out with dionusia until Saturday (we get to watch the BSG season finale together!), and then back to Vancouver for a few more days with elly427 before flying home on Tuesday the 17th. This is the longest trip I've taken in six years, so I'm quite excited. I'm mostly done with packing, and I've loaded up my iPod. And yeah, I'm bringing my laptop, so I'll probably post fairly often while there. :)

Don't really have enough for a linkspam right now, so I'll sign off and finish packing. Gotta force myself to go to bed much earlier than usual; last thing I need is to miss my flight!

ETA: Oooh, just turned on the new L&O:CI episode on USA, and the guest-star is Dean Winters!!!