June 4th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Comcast sucks. Big surprise.

You know all those horror stories and gripefests about Comcast cable service? Yup. Welcome to my miniature version of TV-related hell. Collapse )

Anyway! Yesterday I bought a few cute summer-y shirts for my trip. When I took out the trash last night at 12:30am, it was 79 degrees with 67% humidity here in Atlanta. Ugh. I mentioned this on IMs to a friend I'll be seeing up there next week. She just laughed and laughed, then referred me to the Seattle 10-day forecast. Highs in the fifties? WHAT? That's winter weather here! I do love cool weather and am quite fine with the rain, but this is screwing with my wardrobe plans. I don't think I even own any jackets, and my long-sleeved stuff isn't nearly as cute as my new shirts. I might just bring 'em anyway. ;)

Gratuitous posts about my knitting always cheer me up, so how about some yarnspam? Collapse )

A few links today:

-- Top Chef Scallopgate! Who knew frozen scallops could cause such controversy? I'm going for Richard in the finals because he's the Atlanta guy, but I'd be happy with anyone who isn't named "Lisa".
-- Another controversy: should "uncontacted" tribes in the Amazon be photographed? And while you're there, National Geographic also has the most gorgeous photo galleries.
-- Mo Ryan has an interview with Tim Gunn.
-- The NYTimes has a fun article on the science of sarcasm.
-- 5Resolutions talks to plus-sized model Velvet D'Amour. She's pretty darn fabulous.
-- NPR interviews Liz Phair about the 15th anniversary of Exile in Guyville. (Wow, lots of interviews today!)
-- The always-cool Sepinwall blogs about moderating a HIMYM panel last night. I got a kick out of this quote from Aly Hannigan. Collapse )

ETA for my records: I spoke with Michelle at 404-COMCAST on June 25 at 3:25. She said that she would forward my complaint to her supervisor, who would call me back sometime after 4pm today. We set up a service appointment for Friday 11-2, and I requested that when they do send someone else to install the new CableCARD, they please choose a technician who has experience with them.