May 31st, 2008

*gen - tiffany


Things annoying me tonight:

1. Journalists misusing words. Fables feature animals or other inanimate objects. Hey, critic? That cool movie can't be "a political fable" unless animals are playing the parts (or unless the movie in question is Animal Farm.)

2. People who drive too fast in parking lots. Yeah, I cheerfully go 75mph on the freeway, but those usually don't have pedestrians.

3. Spending most of the afternoon on a cute cabled bag, only to discover that I suck at cabling.

4. Being really hungry, but not wanting to eat any of the stuff in my pantry.

5. The feeling that I should probably be doing something useful with my time off, instead of lying on the sofa watching The Simpsons Movie. (Spider-Pig!)

Things making me happy tonight:

1. I'm starting to build a stash of gorgeous yarn. Hopefully my birthday present (a ball winder and swift) will get here Monday so that I can start winding it and make gorgeous things!

2. Ice cream. Yeah, my waistline does NOT need it, but it makes me happy.

3. dionusia's absolutely brilliant crackfic about last night's BSG.

4. I have a very, very long vacation in which I can just sit around on my sofa if I feel like it. And this weekend, it's been mild enough here in Atlanta that I can have all my windows open. Yay!

5. My friends are just amazing people. (And despite what I said the other night, online friendships are real friendships!)