May 29th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

A lack of gratuitous nudity.

In happy news... my new HD TiVo is hooked up! Comcast was supposed to come out today to install the cable cards so that I can get HD service, but they had to reschedule for tomorrow because they're out of cards. Ah, well. I still did a big ol' happy dance when I got it all hooked up last night! WHEE! Yes, I'm an obnoxious TiVo snob. Talked about it last week with a knitting group friend who also had to use one of the Comcast DVRs for a couple of months while she saved up to replace her TiVo. She said that it made her finally understand how Mac users feel about PCs. ;)

So. I netflixed season one of The Tudors, and now I'm on 2.03. Collapse )

I'm also reveling in yarn love. Collapse )

Some links:

-- Human Tetris is coming to American TV. This amuses me greatly.
-- EntWkly has hired Ausiello. Ugh. People seem to love him. I am NOT one of them.
-- Slate talks about the normalization of oral sex. Maybe I'm just cynical, but are the girls getting any?
-- On the plus side, the Calgary Herald has a cool article about women in traditionally male-dominated trades.
-- Salon attempts to explain why gas prices are so high.
-- We have a premiere date for Mad Men: July 27th!
-- From BoingBoing: An English teacher marks up a blog post.
-- And I have to share the marvelous picspam that bop_radar made me about Kara in the first half of S4. Please go read and comment; I'm currently working on my multi-part reply. :)