May 17th, 2008

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The Stump Serenade

I am incredibly, profoundly sleepy right now. Meta tomorrow, but this is the first time in a while that I wanted to rewatch an episode immediately. I usually need a few hours to mentally process before rewatching.

Can we just have a quick moment of group squee for tonight's BSG? Collapse )

BTW, next week should be interesting, since someone posted on TWOP that the UK's SkyOne channel lists "Sine Qua Non" for next Friday, whereas the U.S. (and presumably Canada) is skipping it for Memorial Day weekend. This means that the next three episodes might be available online a full week before they're shown over here. Hmm. I'm assuming that SciFiUS will find a way to get around that and/or postpone the UK airdates, because I cannot see them being happy about the season finale being leaked a week early. Not that I'd mind too terribly much. :)
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Just wanna do something special....

Was feeling a bit melancholy about age stuff, so I went shopping and got a massage. The masseuse was wonderful, but wow. Right now I feel boneless and have no energy whatsoever. I guess that's a good thing, no? In happier news... my new HD TiVo is here! I'll be SO glad to ditch that awful Comcast DVR and go back to my beloved little recorder. Just have to get Comcast out here to install the cable card thingy, and that won't happen until I have a day off in two weeks. Alas.

Quick tech question: Is it possible to make a video playlist for my iPod? So far, I can only do it with music.

One very general comment as I watch this week's Doctor Who: Pity that this is a kids' show, because Donna is totally the type who would shoot Ten a withering glare then bellow, "What the FUCK are you on about?!?"

Here's a short linkspam so that I can clear out my bookmarks.

-- PBS plans to revive The Electric Company. Huh.

-- If you haven't already seen it, check out Green Porno, in which Isabella Rossellini pretends to have sex with bugs. It's deliciously bizarre.

-- Jez has a really cool article about how women are the economic backbone of the new Rwanda. And this NY Times article is fascinating: Does the "real" Ireland still exist?

-- Mo Ryan has a review of the Conchords show in Chicago, with a new music video(!) for "Ladies of the World". Eek! I need an icon of Bret on roller skates. And, for the love of the gods, WHY DOES JEMAINE HAVE A PORNSTACHE?

-- And finally, I love the new BSG videoblog, One More Photo Op. Rather odd to see them moving in that S4 cast photo, though at least we now know none of the cast members were photoshopped into the pic -- and that Katee and Tricia were NOT drunk. Nope, not at all. ;)
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An addiction I share with half the planet.

Instead of writing or cleaning my apartment or, really, doing a dozen things I should be doing... I play Spider Solitaire. So, this article in Slate made me laugh and laugh: Why we can't stop playing computer solitaire.

And while I'm here, I thought I'd share some BSG icons that I've made from the past two eps, plus a few others. I'm far from an expert, but maybe y'all might like a few of them. Standard disclaimers: please comment, keyword credit, don't change 'em, blah blah! Collapse )
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