May 1st, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Arms and the iPod

Today I stimulated the U.S. economy (or just Costco's bottom line) with the purchase of an iPod. Collapse )

I started to do the weekly BSG promo pics poll, but this week's pics just aren't that inspirational. Instead, I think it's high time to objectify the men. Collapse )

A few links for tonight.

-- I finally finished the Wisterious socks; will do a picspam this weekend. Wouldn't these clear Converse All-Stars be great for showing them off? (I really need some good shoes to wear with all my new knitted socks.)
-- Not only is Project Runway moving to Lifetime, but season six will be partially filmed in LA. That's just wrong.
--Zenhabits confesses the seven deadly sins of a relationship.
-- Health Magazine has named the healthiest chain restaurants. And if you really, really gotta go when you're through eating, check out the bathroom search engine.
-- Defamer asks does landing the cover of People's "Most Beautiful" issue come with a curse?
-- NY Mag traces the history of the "girlfriend flick".
-- Tackling the important issues of the morning, Mental Floss asks why does the snooze button only give you 9 more minutes of sleep? I've learned that the snooze is a surefire way to make sure I oversleep. Sigh.
-- Via celli: Sports Night is coming to DVD! Again! (Thank god I already have the original box set.)
-- And romanticalgirl has been writing some fabulous pick-a-porn drabbles, with BSG, RPF, and Hornblower, among others!