April 29th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

... and now I'll try to get some sleep.

Insomnia? Meh. Since I'm awake, here are two fandom things:

1. cujoy posted a scan of Katee in TV Guide. From that video of the photo shoot, I was afraid the pics would be frou-frou and silly, but this one's just beautiful. LOVE the dress, and the quote from Trucco made me grin. :)

2. Hulu (and I assume scifi.com) has been posting short recaps of each episode, by the same narrator who did the "BSG in 8 Minutes" video. They're absolutely HILARIOUS. The line about Helo at the end of Six of One had me laughing aloud.

Oh, and in case someone asks... turns out there is, in fact, a Hulu workaround for those outside of the U.S. I'd rather not link here, but just google "watch hulu outside of usa" for the details. :)
*gen - tiffany

This post is 100% (economically) stimulated.

According to BofA, my economic stimulus check was deposited into my checking account this morning. Here's the schedule of when they'll be sent. As luck would have it, my SSN ends with "00".

Also, the NYT Magazine has a sweet (and long) article on young gay newlyweds. And Time profiles Stephenie Meyer.

And happy (belated) birthday, elly427! I promise you some Katie Conspiracy Fic by the end of the week.
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