April 28th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Just stick him in a vat of goo.

I have mixed feelings about Jacob's BSG recaps on TWOP. Yes, they can be a bit, uh, overwritten and pretentious (my current theory is that The Hybrid is his ghostwriter), but they can also be quite interesting. Tonight I decided to see if he'd posted a recaplet, because those tend to be much more straightforward and even funny at times. Plus, I'm bored. So I clicked on the show page and noticed that he'd already finished the full recap. Huh! That was quick! Then I clicked on it.

The recap for "Escape Velocity" is THIRTY-SIX PAGES LONG.

I don't know whether to laugh maniacally or just stare at the laptop screen in shock. Either way, it should make for interesting reading!