April 24th, 2008

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Kara, alienation, and perception.

I've seen quite a bit of concern about Kara in "The Ties That Bind". Since I love talking about my girl, I thought I'd type up some more thoughts about how I see her right now. Everything's kinda blurry in my mind right now, so I might unintentionally echo/repeat what others have said. Apologies in advance!

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*gen - tiffany

The Secret Snap Cup

I'm having one of those weeks, and from the looks of things, I'm not the only one. I haven't seen a love meme floating around LJ in a while, so I thought, hey, why not start one?

Here's how it works:

1. Comment with your username!
2. Post a link to your comment here on your own LJ, so that your friends will know where to find you!
3. Your friends will reply to your comment with reasons why they adore you, and then they'll repeat step #2 for themselves. And it'll keep going and going until everyone's feelin' the love!

So. I've turned off IP logging. You don't have to go anon, but that's what makes it fun. ;) Whether or not you reply to your anon comments is entirely up to you. Please join in then spread the word -- the more the merrier!

ETA: You don't have to log out to comment anonymously! When the little reply box opens up, click on "More Options". That will take you to a separate page. Then just choose "anonymous".

ETA #2: I've seen quite a few unthreaded replies. Make sure you click on the small "reply to this" instead of "post a new comment" -- otherwise, the person you're complimenting won't know you've said anything. (And the rest of us won't know who you're talking about!)
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The post-meme afterglow.

The Love Meme has been so much fun! I've enjoyed watching the replies accumulate. Please go join in if you haven't already!

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And here's tonight's bookmark-cleaning linkspam:

-- Consumerist offers "You Don't Need It" stickers. Alas, I doubt that would curb my spending sprees.
-- Fashionartedit has scans of Tricia, Grace, and Katee in "Interview", showing off their bikini waxers' mad skillz. Yikes!
-- Jezebel asks if there's such a thing as the female "buddy" movie anymore. They also share video of the world's youngest college professor. She's all kinds of awesome.
-- Vulture lists Madonna's five worst videos, and they ask which superhero movie will suck?
-- The lovely daybreak777 has two cool new BSG fics: "Mutiny on the Demetrius" (crackfic!), and a deliciously twisty "As I Lay Sleeping".
-- If you're feeling destructive, Discovery Channel will let you build your own volcano!
-- And for today's bit of randomness: The Online Stopwatch. So simple, yet so potentially invaluable!