April 14th, 2008

*gen - tiffany


For the past several months, I've been listening to Spoon near-constantly. Yeah, maybe they're Gen-X old fogey alternapop, but dammit, they're just plain FUN.

So today at lunch I happened to glance over a newspaper-reading friend's shoulder. And guess who's playing at Center Stage TONIGHT?

GAH! A 7pm concert is asking a lot, since I'd have to haul myself downtown when I usually take a nap after work. But... but... SPOON! I have to try. *sigh*
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*gen - tiffany

Ain't got much tonight.

A question for those of you in the PNW. I'm flying into Vancouver on a Monday evening (June 9th, to be specific.) From there, I plan to head down to Seattle for a few days to visit a friend. Then the friend and I are probably going to drive back up to Van, and I'll fly home on the following Tuesday. What's the easiest -- and cheapest -- one-way route from Vancouver to Seattle? I don't really need to worry about the scenery, as I'll get to see that on the drive back up. I'm mostly interested in getting there quickly and for as little money as possible. Thanks in advance!

Bookmarks-cleaning time.

-- Alas, the Spoon concert was sold out, but Music Under Fire has a live version of "Cherry Bomb".

-- Vulture reviews the Conchords album. They're annoyed by the lack of new material, but I figure the guys are saving that for season two.

-- Carell and Krasinski have some pregnancy tips for Angela. Hee!

-- Via annelise13: Parents fight over which gang toddler should join.

-- Consumerist offers tips on how to avoid eating stale candy.

-- Mental Floss has a neat list of 8 songs inspired by real women.