April 8th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

"Thought I was mistaken"

I don't watch Dancing with the Stars, but when I heard about this, I ran to YouTube.

Kristi and Mark dancing the paso doble to "Blue Monday" by New Order.

Yes, you read that right. BLUE MONDAY. Complete with lounge singer. I think this is the greatest thing (or just the most WTF?!?!?!?) that I will see this week. Wow. As James Poniewozik said, "Now I've seen everything." To cleanse your palate, here's the REAL version.

I was just going to post that, but it looks like I have... more links!

-- Mo Ryan offers suggestions for how to make the Office spinoff not suck.

-- Via Vulture: Characters agree: Lost is confusing. Hee!

-- Who's going to replace Jeremy Piven in the Cupid remake? Bobby Cannavale. Yeah, I can see that.

-- Obligatory fandom content: Whitney from Pop Candy has a podcast interview with Katee. And dryope has promo pics for 4.03.

-- Slate offers tips on how to send flowers without destroying the Earth.

-- And finally... ImprovEverywhere staged the greatest Little League game of all time. That's just adorable.
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