April 7th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

A Woman's Quest to Make It Work: The Heidi Klum Story

Project Runway is moving from Bravo to LIFETIME?


And Bravo is pissed off. At least Tim and Heidi are sticking around, and the move won't happen until season six.

Mo Ryan also has clips from the new 30 Rock. I kinda love that it's titled "MILF Island". I think I should do a 30R marathon today (spring break!), after I finish my mini-marathon of Conchords. Mmm, Bret....
*gen - tiffany

Things making me happy tonight.

I baked bread last night... and it actually turned out well! Not that light and fluffy, but still quite edible. I actually did two recipes. The first was just basic beginner bread, and the second was apple cinnamon walnut bread. Fairly simple recipe, though the part about mixing in the apples seemed rather strange.

Also, I finally booked my flight to Vancouver and Seattle. I'll be there June 9-17. Here's hoping my passport arrives in time (I mailed the renewal application two weeks ago.)

But this post is mostly just an excuse to clean out my bookmarks. (See, I *can* talk about something besides BSG!)

-- Junot Diaz' The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao won the Pulitzer for fiction. Excellent! I read it over Christmas, and it's a GREAT novel.

-- I skipped the Yarn Harlot's shindig yesterday because I didn't want to deal with parking in Virginia-Highland, but the AJC has an article about it, along with how knitting has become such a social activity. Kinda wish I'd gone.

-- Wow, someone has already made a plushy version of the, uh, thingy (keepin' this spoiler-free) from the Doctor Who season premiere. Cute!

-- I grew up watching Cheers, and TV Squad lists the vibe biggest Cheers mysteries.

-- Mental Floss lists ten reasons why James Dyson (the vacuum guy) doesn't suck. Yeah, I had a teensy crush on him in those commercials. ;) They also list eight fairy tales and their not-so-happy endings.

-- One of the PopWatch bloggers rewatches When Harry Met Sally and has a bit of Single Woman in Her Thirties panic. And Jezebel takes on the "Hollywood Freemale". I don't particularly want to get married, but I do have those tiny random moments of "What if I choke to death alone in my apartment?" (Gee, thanks for the inspiration, Liz Lemon!)