April 4th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

More fandom stuff.

Time for some reviews of the premiere! I was going to hold off until tomorrow, but the NY Times has a video clip that made dionusia and me quite squeeful, so I had to share the joy. (Plus, stupid insomnia's keeping me awake.) The first two don't really contain more spoilers than what we've seen in previews.

-- New York Times, with the aforementioned squee-worthy video.
-- Salon, the most spoilery of the lot.
-- Entertainment Weekly, which was rather annoying, though they gave it an "A-".
-- Another article/review from Mo Ryan.

And some more links, while I'm at it:

-- NYMag's Vulture blog went a bit crazy today: a political cheat sheet, how to convince your girlfriend (or boyfriend) that BSG is not Star Trek, and a neat interview with Michael Hogan.
-- MSN explains why BSG might save your marriage.
-- queenofthorns has a S2 Lee picspam.
-- becisvolatile wrote a funny, clever Kara/Lee/Sam fic.

I won't get to watch the online premiere tomorrow, as I have to work. Alas! At least I'll then have the next week off, with plenty of time to obsess. And at some point I'll be able to talk about things that are NOT fandom. (Sorry, flist!)