April 2nd, 2008

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Wait, wait, don't tell me.

1. Two more days until Spring Break, and the kids are acting batsh...guano INSANE. I haven't had any serious discipline problems all year, which means the little darlings have chosen this week to make us all miserable.

2. queenofthorns made a S1 Lee Adama picspam.

3. EntWkly's season 3 episode guide and Salon's Everything you wanted to know about BSG. Don't read the talkbacks unless you enjoy high blood pressure. Fanboys, please meet my friends Apple and Orange. They're beyond compare!

4. UGA has announced the 2007 Peabody Award Winners. "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"? Really? Such an annoying show, even if it does have that highbrow NPR sheen. Yay for 30 Rock, though!

5. We were promised thunderstorms all week. I *heart* rain. Instead, we get sunshine and a pollen count of 696. Anything above 120 is "extremely high", and even 696 is low for us. The average pollen count for Atlanta this time of year is in the 3,000-5,000 range.

ETA, via proggrrl: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS HAS BEEN RENEWED!!! 30 Rock and Chuck were also renewed! Whee! That almost makes up for the insane 8th graders!
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*gen - tiffany

More fun with the scifi.com monkeys.

Yeah, me again. (Sorry, fandom overload this week.) The eagle-eyed lizardbeth_j gave a heads-up on TWOP that SciFi.com has updated their Season 4 Gallery. I think someone over there screwed up, because they've included a bunch of photos that appear to be from late in the first half of the season. Since they'll probably disappear soon, I've uploaded them all to my LJ gallery.

Here are some pics from the first few episodes – mostly just in line with what we've already seen in the video previews and official photography. Collapse )

All 32 photos are here, including some that should be considered VERY spoilery! And just to be safe, the comments for this post might also contain spoilers. :)

ETA: Vulture has a funny spoilers wrap-up. I laughed aloud at this NON-spoilery bit: "We predict that by the time the season wraps, only the most attractive members of the Battlestar cast will still be kicking when they finally reach Earth and settle into the mundane task of repopulating the human race, saving viewers from confronting the question of which unfortunate soul will be forced to do it with Hot Dog."
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