March 31st, 2008

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I want my TiVo back!

I've HAD IT with that piece of shit that Comcast passes off as their "DVR".

Thanks to a doctor's appointment at 12:30, I came home for a few minutes so that I can head back to work after the appt. Just noticed that my DVR was recording. Surprised, I loaded the menu. Turns out it's recording ALL of the episodes of the BSG marathon today... and that's after I had recently changed the settings -- TWICE! -- to only record new episodes. NOT the marathon. What's worse is that, in order to free up space, it deleted all my old programs, including some things I hadn't watched yet and others I was specifically saving. I would've had plenty of room on the hard drive to save them, too, if not for this pathetic excuse for a DVR ignoring my settings.

I'd planned to buy a new HD TiVo when I get my bonus in June. I really can't afford one now, unless I put more charges on my credit card (which I'll be paying off in June, but still.) Now I might just have to find a way to pay for one a couple of months early, because this is ridiculous. Yes, I know I'm a TV addict with priorities slightly out-of-whack, but the past month has proven to me that TiVo is worth every penny. *sigh*

I'm having bad luck with electronics lately. Left my cellphone charger at work over the weekend, and the battery ran out. Yesterday, my iPod died. Not exactly a shock, as it's a 3-year-old Mini that has been dropped way too many times. And, of course, I don't have a warranty. Last night I was thinking that I'd just buy a new .mp3 player in June. Now I've got to pay for a TiVo. GAH!
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What a way to make a livin'.

Tonight I'm watching Enchanted. Lovely little movie, and Amy Adams is fabulous. Too bad she can't come clean my apartment.

My bookmarks list is bursting tonight. First up, the fandom linkspam:

-- BostonNow's interview with Katee, and part 3 of the EW video chats.
-- PopWatch talks to the woman who did the voiceovers for "BSG in 8 minutes" and "Lost in 8 minutes and 15 seconds". Fun!
-- dryope has promo pics from episode 3, plus watermarked pics at NBCU Photo Bank. Suit!
-- ack_attack lists the top 43 BSG moments of all time!!!
-- Cinema Blend reviews the premiere. No big spoilers.
-- Sepinwall also wrote a non-spoilery review, though now I have the theme song from "9 to 5" going through my head.
-- boom_queen wrote a twisted and awesome Kara/Lee/Sam fic, When white-cheeked Aurora (the Dawn) climbs the heavens.

Wow, I feel like I just did a galacticanews update! (We're going to resume those this week, btw.) And now non-fandom links:

-- Salon interviews a woman who wrote a book on how companies capitalize on parents' fears and aspirations for their small children.
-- Newsweek has an essay on fonts and what they say about us.
-- Tuned In asks whether you miss your CDs and tapes in the digital age.
-- The Daily Mail ponders some of life's little mysteries.
-- Socyberty has a fun list of 10 things they didn't teach you at school.
-- Mental Floss wants to know what's the coolest thing youv'e seen or done in New Zealand? I'd love to go there someday!
-- Jezebel calls Claudia Kishi of Baby-Sitters Club "my first fashion muse". And they offer three reasons why smart women love baseball.
-- The NY Times asks which books make or break a relationship? We could probably extend that to favorite TV shows. :)