March 22nd, 2008

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The age-old bathroom debate.

I have a rather, uh, sticky problem at work. We're lucky to have an abundance of faculty restrooms, including one across from my classroom. These are single-stall (toilet and sink there together) and unisex, which is the problem. Around twenty people use them on a regular basis, including 2-4 men. Hey, teaching's an overwhelmingly female profession. Most of the guys are great about toilet seat issues; however, at least one -- who will admit it -- is being contrary. When we nag him about how we have to lower the seat in order to take our turn, he retorts, "Yes, but I have to touch it to leave it up! It's only fair that you should have to do the same." YUCK! Though I have to admit he might have a point. Since I'm curious -- and since I'm addicted to LJ polls -- I'll offer this one to y'all. Collapse )

Anyway. After staying up all night on Thursday, I breezed through work with no problems. Came home, curled up in bed for a short nap at around six... then woke up at 5am. Oops. Guess that's a good thing, all told.

We now have a new Juno parody: Jewno. As I watched the movie again last weekend, I realized that I kinda have a crush on J.K. Simmons. Not in an "omigod, he's so hot" way, but rather, "He's just so darn cool, and I'm a little bit in love with him." ;)

TV Squad has an interview with Jonny Lee Miller. I also kinda love him, despite the blandness of Eli Stone. He gets a lifetime pass from me for playing my favorite character in my all-time favorite movie, even after twelve years.

And finally, I was inspired to make this (very silly) icon after a comment by drewcypher about Lee in BSG. If any of you actually want it, feel free to snag it with keyword credit, please!
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