March 19th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

"What else are you going to do, read a book?"

I haven't yet decided whether I'll watch the BSG cast on Letterman tonight. Oh, I'll TiVo it, but that sort of thing just makes me *cringe*, and not in a fun, ironic way. Especially since they're doing it in character. Yes, I have no sense of humor. But I'll probably cave in anyway, and it'll be hilarious. Right? Anyway, Mo Ryan has posted an advance copy of the top ten list. I must admit it's pretty damn funny.

Okay, a couple more fandom things, then I promise to talk about ... other stuff. Wow!

-- IO9 has a new, very long S4 trailer.
-- dryope posted photos of the cast at the SciFi upfronts. (Jamie + Tricia = Too damn pretty.)
-- EntWkly did an episode guide for season one.
-- And Wired reports that the premiere will stream online starting at noon on 4/4. Dammit, just when I'm at work. (At least that makes it easier for me to wait until marenfic gets here for our premiere party!)

Whew. Now for the NON-fandom stuff!
-- At last night's Paley panel for Chuck, Sepinwall asked about the hidden meaning behind the Wienerlicious uniform. (I need more Chuck icons.)
-- Via blue_larkspur: A picspam of beautiful women over 40.
-- Via luna_k: A fascinating article on disappearing cultural relics like land lines and cassette tapes. (I was proud of my students today for getting my reference to Claire Huxtable.)
-- Slave to the Boob Tube: "I tried to keep my baby from watching TV. Then I realized, maybe I'm the one who's addicted."
-- In honor of Anthony Minghella's passing, Slate waxes rhapsodic on his movie Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Okay, I have to put this one separately, due to the cut-tag. Mental Floss picspams marshmallow Peeps used in modern art and lists the finalists for The Best Pun IN THE WORLD!! Collapse )