March 2nd, 2008

*gen - tiffany


While at my knitting group this afternoon, I learned that a friend has a really cool online yarn store. I seldom buy yarn online because I'm too touchy-feely, but I went by her website tonight to check out the sock yarn. Just browsing, of course, because the LAST thing I need is more sock yarn. Then I discovered that Dream in Color makes a shade of Smooshy called... "Wisterious".

Oh, god. I want it SO badly, even though I would never wear lavender socks. One more skein of sock yarn wouldn't hurt, and it's not that expensive! My friend said she'd be happy to bring anything I want to touchy-feel to next week's meet-up, so I wouldn't be buying sight-unseen! A huge stash of yarn isn't a bad thing, right? People do it all the time! (Yeah, you just keep tellin' yourself that, girl.)

I hate being responsible. *sigh*