February 26th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

This post is dedicated to the memory of Norman Mailer.

1. I have an interview bright and early tomorrow morning. I'd already planned my outfit, only to be foiled by the cold front that just came through town. While I'm always happy to have cold weather, that short-sleeved blouse was much more impressive than a sweater. (And to my flist: thank you SO much for the happy vibes yesterday!)

2. Just finished reading Time's cover story on George Clooney. Maybe it's a cliche to like him, but I cannot resist. Pity they chose Joel Stein for the interview, who made it as much about himself as about George.

3. That bank of season one BSG images I linked to last post is all kinds of fabulous, and I have to share four of my favorite pics, all involving goofy Pilots. Collapse )

4. I'd planned to watch Michael Clayton tonight, as I didn't pay much attention last time. But then I started watching last night's A Raisin in the Sun, and wow, it's really fascinating. Pity that I hadn't seen or read the play until now.

5. Time for a few links:

-- AOL's new food website is surprisingly interesting, especially the unconventional peanut butter tips.
-- Conchords season two has been delayed until 2009. Drat.
-- Popwatch laments the ickiness of toilet paper ads.
-- Via makd: When Straight Teens Write Slash. Both informative and giggle-worthy.
-- And while it's nowhere near as funny as Sarah/Damon, I did giggle at the news that Jimmy Kimmel is bleeping Ben Affleck. My favorite part is the sheer randomness of "Dedicated to the memory of Norman Mailer".