February 18th, 2008

*gen - tiffany

"Welcome to Screamtown."

I've been toying with ideas for a sequel to the Kara-as-a-Cylon fic. Definitely NOT what I want to see onscreen, but it's such an interesting premise. No idea if anything will come of it yet -- I'm in the brainstorming stage, and I don't have the best recent track record with fic! Still, I've been listening to R.E.M.'s "Exhuming McCarthy" almost nonstop lately, and while I'd always seen it as Lee in 3.20, it now feels completely perfect for this Final Five idea. Here's an mp3, if any of you are interested. Gotta love oldskool R.E.M. when they were all political and indignant 'n stuff. ;)

Tonight I am ... baking bread, thanks to a recipe that ww1614 posted yesterday. The dough seems to be rising, but I suppose the baking will be the real test. Still, it's been fun so far, and at least the kneading gave my arms a workout!

And here are a few things from my bookmarks folder:

-- The Galactica DVDs site has several deleted scenes that apparently won't be on the actual discs. Someone has posted them to YouTube. I can see why they were deleted, but I'm still pleased to have something new! (Thanks to Asta and Grey for the heads-up.)

-- I also got a kick out of these photos of Trucco and Kate Vernon walking the picket lines a few weeks ago. I *love* his "Frakking Toaster" t-shirt. (Thanks, proggirl!)

-- romanticalgirl posted a very hot Kara/Helo. voleuse wrote a lovely Lee character study. And for the hat trick, canadiangirl_86 has a bittersweet post-3.20 Kara/Lee. (I need to catch up on all the other klficathon stories!)

-- Jezebel linked to this commercial for Durex. It's naughty and kinda icky in a hilarious way.

-- Salon talks about indies "taking over" the Oscars.

-- I've been giggling at the new blog Stuff White People Like. "Number 67: Standing Still at Concerts."

-- On the heels of yesterday's serial comma debate, the NY Times celebrates the semicolon. (Thanks to Indi for the link.) One of my biggest grammar peeves is its misuse. I'd rather people just skip it altogether!