January 31st, 2008

*gen - tiffany

Have a Nice Day!

1. Not sure whether I'm grumbly or cheerful today. At this point, it could go either way.

2. This weekend is the Atlanta Juggling Festival. I'm strangely intrigued and might go. Anyone want to join me on Saturday afternoon?

3. Katee has finally made Go Fug Yourself. Aww, our little girl has arrived! That shininess is a bit scary, though I'm giggling at the reappearance of the sparkly princess shoes from the S3 promo shots. (BTW, when the hell will we get the S4 ones? *sigh*)

4. Last night I was all excited to watch Lost, then realized that, whoops, it was a rerun. And I'm still a bit puzzled why media bloggers will not shut up about the premiere, yet I've hardly seen anyone here mention it. As I told txvoodoo in my similar post a few weeks ago, I guess it's just not a "fandomish" show - at least, not the type of fandom we usually see on LJ.

5. Here's an article/rant that made us laugh yesterday: Why are bank security questions so monstrously stupid? Amen. I especially hate the ones with subjective answers. Green and orange are equally my favorite colors. What happens if I submit "green" at sign-up, then later answer "orange"? Will I get locked out of my account? I don't even remember the names of ANY of my teachers (which is pretty sad given my career.) Yeah, I undersatnd that subjective questions offer greater security, but WOW, how annoying.

Okay, it's off to the salt mines. At least this year's still going GREAT, and the kids are working on projects all day. :)