January 21st, 2008

*gen - tiffany

This knitting is NSFW.

Last night, via Ravelry, I came across some bizarre -- but hilarious -- knitting patterns. Anyone want a penis cozy? How about an edible thong? The bit about keeping the licorice moist is a bit squicky. There's also a lacy thong knitting pattern, but wouldn't that chafe? My favorite, though, is the disclaimer for the knitted condom. BTW, the AntiCraft has some killer craft patterns.

On that note, it's time for me to spam y'all with my latest knitting projects. Collapse )

Time for some links:

-- From the NYT: Art in the Age of Franchising. "As the writers’ strike has made clear, art and entertainment in the digital age are highly collaborative, and none of it can thrive without engaging audiences more actively than ever before. Fans today see themselves as doing business with television shows, movies, even books. They want to rate, review, remix. They want to make tributes and parodies, create footnotes and concordances, mess with volume and color values, talk back and shout down."

-- From Time: today was the most depressing day of the year. Gee, I feel fine. Plus, a fascinating article on girls' education in Afghanistan, and a funny one on why we find apocalypses so darn entertaining.

-- The other newsweekly has a hilarious column from the author of the book Cassie Edwards (allegedly) plagiarized. "Move Over, 'Meerkat Manor'".

-- While my interest in football is sub-zero, I really liked this photo essay of a Green Bay fan dressing for Lambeau Field. Sorry, Packers fans.

-- As a protest in favor of the strike, some familiar faces from the Law & Order universe have put together Murder Unscripted, starring "an impossibly hot detective team." Dean Winters! Whee!

-- RealSimple has tips on how to tackle even your most hated cleaning tasks.

-- And finally, a computer has decoded dog communication.