January 1st, 2008

*gen - tiffany

(Not) Resolved:

Last night was ... odd. I went to dinner with some friends, but backed off of New Year's Eve festivities because I didn't feel like going to a bar. I came home and prepared to ring it in on my own, which suited me just fine. But right at midnight, I suddenly wanted to cry. Even got a bit teary-eyed. Not that it had been a BAD year or anything. I suppose just PMS and general holiday malaise. Then, a few minutes after midnight, a neighbor knocked on my door to ask what was up with the gunshots -- the revelers sounded like they had cannons and a dozen clips of ammo. Turned out to be fireworks at the Village Green. Oops! But we had a laugh and then sat outside in the chill and talked for an hour. So that was good.

Lifehacker has a great feature on Free Tools to Manage New Year's Resolutions. One suggestion is to make them realistic and specific. I dislike resolutions because of my fear of commitment. Instead, here are Seven Things I Want to Do in 2008:

  1. Back off on the avoidance and excuses, you idiot. I'd get so much more out of life if it weren't for all that procrastination and fear. Out of sight might be out of mind, but it's gonna come back sooner or later.

  2. Be more social. Go out at least once a month, even if it's just to the knitting group at Knitch. Only decline invitations for legitimate reasons, and not because "I just don't feel like it."

  3. Read at least six books. Hey, gotta keep this realistic!

  4. Spoil the nephew until he stinks. (Sorry, psychomab, but you are powerless against this. It's part of the Auntie Code. At least Mullet Kid gets some free toys out of it.)

  5. Take better care of myself. Get a physical in the summer, and routine checkups when necessary. Yoga and a long walk at least once a week. Cook for myself at least twice a week, not just takeout or microwave meals.

  6. Branch out beyond my usual fic genres, pairings, and fandoms. Take more (potentially unpopular) risks.

  7. And, of course, get better at replying to my LJ comments! I resolve this every year, but I seem to get worse and worse. Hell, I don't think I've done ANY comments in the past week, because I just freeze up when I click the button to reply. Understandable, I suppose, but still a bit inconsiderate.

Anyway! Here are a few links for a chilly New Year's Day:

-- Most of you have heard the news, but: BSG season 3 DVDs will be released on March 25th. Gee, that’s exactly one year (to the day!) since “Crossroads II” aired. Stupid, frakking NBCU. Hopefully the 70-minute version of “Unfinished Business” will make up for the wait.

-- If you're into celeb gossip, Crazy Days and Nights is revealing a bunch of blind items.

-- Slate talks about what movies get wrong (and right) about gardening, plus an interesting article on how Starbucks actually HELPS mom-and-pop coffeehouses. Incidentally, I just discovered the brand-new Starbucks two blocks away is open 24/7. Uh-oh.

-- Hello Kitty contact lenses. Probably fake, but still funny.

-- Yes, I'm still borderline-obsessed with Ravelry. And for my fellow knitters, I found this cool blog with tips on how to make your knitting look better and more professional. On that note... I'm closing the laptop and picking up some yarn. Gotta finish that other sock!