December 4th, 2007

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Me? Woe.

Things upsetting me this morning:

1. Yesterday I crawled in bed at 6pm for my usual hourlong post-work nap. I woke up at 2:37am. GRR. Stayed up a few hours, then went back to bed, assuming this meant I could get to work early and do some stuff. Nope. Woke up ten minutes later than usual. I thought all that sleep was supposed to improve moods. Instead, I just feel like curling up and hiding.

2. Not a single person has said “hello” to me this morning. This is fairly typical and does not help the lifelong insecurity issues. Christmas is coming up, and I’m about at the point of “Why bother?”

3. Ants have invaded my desk.

4. Looks like all this peevishness is 90% hormonal, and I’m all out of ibuprofen.

5. That little one-off “Razor” Kara fic that I was supposed to write in one day is now up to 1,500 words, and I can’t bring myself to discard it. The last chapter of my WIP is completely plotted and half-written in my head, but I can’t actually write any of it, no matter how hard I stare at Word.

6. No more Chuck until after the new year. I’m still not fandomish about it, but it brings much-needed smiles. I also skipped Heroes last night, and this morning I’ve realized the depth of my ambivalence. Better that than getting pissed off, huh?

7. I hate being mopey. I’m a bit too old for the emo act. Am really hoping this passes soon. It usually does! Until then, I reserve the right to whine.
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Further Adventures of Wisteria the Idiot.

After this morning's whinge-fit, the day improved. I came home and skipped my usual nap (probably a good thing after last night's sleepstravaganza), because I had a ticket to a free preview of Juno. Bluth Reunion Special! Whee! (I miss Arrested Development so very, very much.)

So I headed to the conveniently-nearby theater, stopping first for takeout dinner at Doc Green's (the only salads I genuinely like.) While waiting, I discovered I'd left my e-mail ticket at home. Oh, no! Thanks to the theater's proximity, I had just enough time to race home, get the ticket, and go back because, hey, it's the only movie of the past few months that I've actually wanted to see. (Plus, free ticket.) I pulled up to my front door, ran inside, located the ticket... and saw this: "7:30 PM Dec, 06 2007".


I'd somehow told myself it was Tuesday night, not Thursday. Alas and alack. I'll probably still go, but I feel rather foolish now. I'm also quite sleepy now, but it's too late in the day for a nap. Guess I'll watch TV, do some knitting, and try to finish this fic. indigo419, will you be around later for beta? :)