October 21st, 2007

*gen - tiffany

Car trouble, DVDs, fic, and fandom.

When it rains car trouble, it pours. A few weeks ago I had to get my brakes replaced. This time it was a dead battery. At least I was at home when I discovered it, and roadside assistance had someone out here in less than fifteen minutes. Impressive! Didn't want to have to shell out for a new battery, but the nice guy at AutoZone informed me that it was d-e-a-d. Alas. Though my car only has 28,000 miles, it's four years old, and nearly all of that is city driving. Things were bound to start breaking down eventually. Here's hoping that I don't have any more problems for a good long while!

It also looks like I'll have to replace my DVD player again. The Philips DVP642 is a godsend for us fangirls, but they don't have a very long life. If you're unfamiliar with them, these things play Xvid .avis -- just burn them to a data disc (no need to convert files or anything) and voila. You can watch all those downloaded episodes on your TV! Totally worth the cost of having to replace them far too often. ;) It looks like Philips has phased out that model, but I just found the DVP3960 on Amazon, for roughly the same price. Do any of you have this one, and if so, is it any good? (I also might be buying myself an HDTV next May -- squee! -- and I'll definitely be wanting some advice when the time comes.)

I'm thrilled that last night I finally wrote two very short scenes for the WIP. Yeah, it's taking longer than I'd planned, but that's because I realized that the Kara storyline is way more complicated than expected. Turns out it's going to be quite different than "Maelstrom" (which I really did love), but hopefully in a good way. I have a four-page outline, so at least I know where it's going. Just have to write it. Story of my life, so to speak. :)

And since I'm on the subject of BSG fandom: sarkastic posted a heads-up that the season 3 soundtrack has been leaked. I've never been into soundtracks, but I just might have to buy this one. While I certainly encourage everyone to purchase a copy -- Bear's a great guy and deserves the cash -- here are a couple of teasers. Collapse )

Also, dryope posted hi-res photos of Jamie and Tricia at the Scream Awards. Hooray for the curls! And while I'm not entirely thrilled with Jamie's slightly-too-shiny suit, the black is definitely an improvement over his usual. Pity that he didn't wear flip-flops or dragon pants, though.

Only five more weeks until "Razor"! It's funny -- six months ago I didn't give a damn about the Pegasus movie. It's been seven months since we've had anything, and it looks like another 3+ months until season four. Now I'm so damned hard-up for new BSG that I'm counting down the days until 11/24. ;)

P.S. Thanks, anonymous friend, for the gold star!