September 16th, 2007

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The Emmys Predictions Poll

I have a feeling I'll be posting quite a lot today! First up: I got an e-mail that Borders will have ALL of their DVD box sets on sale for 40% off tomorrow and Tuesday. It's only available in-store, and you need a (free) Borders Rewards membership. Here's the 40% off coupon, and here's a list of the various TV shows on sale. (Psst... Friday Night Lights for $18!)

Also, I'd like to gleefully pimp bop_radar's Character Study Challenge, for "fic, meta, vids or other fanart, as long as you can argue that it explores the character and the prompt." The list of prompts is HUGE, with something for everyone -- including BSG, the Jossverse, Doctor Who, Farscape, HP, Heroes, Smallville, the 'Gates, Supernatural, The Office, and many other fandoms. I'm already putting together a list of things I want to write.

Time for my annual Emmys Predictions Poll. Yeah, I'll be watching tonight, despite my relative lack of enthusiasm. Choose who you think WILL win, not who SHOULD win. Just for fun, no wagering, blah blah. Collapse )

And in conclusion: GO 30 ROCK!!!
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Emmys post #3.

Yeah, yeah. Third Emmys post of the day, but I LOVE awards shows. Time for my attempt at live-blogging. Don't expect anything particularly insightful or erudite here. For hilarity, check out Slezak's commentary on EW.

Oh, and one more "GO 30 ROCK!" :)

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ETA: My three favorite photos from tonight. Collapse )

ETA2: Katee at the TV Guide After-Party. Black dress, red shoes? Fine by me. And more photos at GettyImages.
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