September 1st, 2007

*gen - tiffany

"It's my bete noire."

Can't talk much now, but today's Q&A was much better than the first. The clothes were a hell of a lot better, too. He was literally wearing this t-shirt and jeans, with the same scruff and hair length; however, he was not wet. Alas. And did you know that you can actually see the technicolor blue of his eyes while sitting twenty feet away? Impressive!

One small spoiler that I'll put behind the cut-tag. Collapse )

Instead of writing up the highlights, how about seeing them for yourself? I took these with my digital camera's video feature... which means the quality is NOT GOOD. Hell, you can't even see the guys most of the time. You can hear them quite well, though. Only Quicktime format thus far; will have to play with the files later. I paused the recording several times because the camera only held a total of 15 minutes of video, hence the "skips" in the footage.

SendSpace is giving me a hard time, and I have two more very large files to upload. Will post those later tonight or tomorrow. Meanwhile, we're off to dinner and maybe seeing Jamie at the BSG party tonight. ;)
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