June 26th, 2006

*gen - tiffany

You can't go home again.

Damn, that goldderby.com Emmys message board is fascinating. It has reports from several people who attended the "blue ribbon committee" screenings this weekend, and we now know with near-certainty which shows were in the top ten. I'll cut-tag for those who want to be surprised on July 6th. Collapse )

As I drove around D/FW today, I made a mental list of things I'd forgotten about Texas, despite having grown up here:

1. People drive ridiculously slow, even on the highways. In possibly unrelated news, cops and state troopers sure do like to set speedtraps on those highways. (Very shocking to me, since speeding tickets are practically nonexistent in GA.)

2. After years and years, Eastern Standard Time is now my "default". Watching prime time shows at 7pm feels profoundly weird.

3. The sky here really is as huge as the hype. Then again, ain't much in the way of all that clear blue. (The GA sky looks really tiny, but there I'm surrounded by 60-foot pines, cypress, and poplars. So.)

4. There's. Just. Too. Much. Too many restaurants, gas stations, big box stores, etcetera. Especially the restaurants. They obviously have enough patrons to stay in business, and the variety is a wonderful thing. But damn. Chain restaurant overload.

5. Scorching heat is the best kind. Who cares about temps over 100? Just get in the shade, and you're fine. So much better than syrupy, sweltering humidity.

6. Everything in Dallas feels polished and new, in both good and bad ways. Even the stuff I've seen all my life -- the office buildings along Central, the mosque on Spring Valley, and so on -- it all feels so *new* and almost foreign. I can't really explain how, but it's not because of my having moved away. It's just... strange.

7. I used to say I loathe Dallas, but I don't. Not really. I think I'd love it if I were forced to move back here. Certainly has tons going for it! But even short vacations like this one just make me miss Atlanta all the more. Seventeen more hours, then I'll be home. :)
*gen - tiffany

Air Rage! Tonight at 11.

I think that I've become an Air Rage statistic. Collapse )

But hey, I'm home now, and the good news is that I made it back just before a huge thunderstorm rolled through. Queso's fine -- thanks, biftec, for checking on him! And in other news....

-- The ending of last week's Rescue Me was already controversial, and then Peter Tolan (the exec producer) decided to go on the TWoP boards and defend it. Hilarious and idiotic wank ensued. I'll defer to nm973's great recap for all the details and links.

-- The Emmys conspiracy theories floating around are amusing (I do love a good ruckus), though I suspect they're a bit overblown. I'm sure "block voting" plays a part, but the real problem is that too many voters go with reputation instead of actually watching the front-running shows, which accounts for so many repeat nominees.

-- I love my LJ layout. I don't do e-mail comment notifications, so I prefer having as much text as possible up on my main page. Unfortunately, every time someone does a phone post, my friends-page layout is totally screwed up. Must try to figure out why, because I hate having to filter out those people until the post slips down to the next flist page.

-- I'm making another plea for Atlanta friends to help me with my move! I really only need a couple of people to help load furniture onto the truck for a few hours, since I can manage the smaller stuff on my own. I'd like to do it next Sunday or Monday (if you have a long weekend for the Fourth), but I can work around when you're available. And I would compensate you, of course. :)

-- Also, I'd love some advice! Collapse )

Now I need a very, very long nap.