June 6th, 2006

*gen - tiffany

"The Ood? Well, that's ... ood."

Gah. I've always loved my seven-minute commute to work, especially since it's mostly along residential roads with little traffic. Well, I headed over to 285/400 around 6pm to pick up greycoupon, and omigoditwasHELL -- and not just because of the whole 6/6/06 thing. Took me twenty minutes just go to a half-mile. I know there's no real way to solve the problem of thousands of people all leaving work at the same time, but still. I am so damn glad that I don't have to deal with traffic every day.

On the way back here, we stopped by Kroger to pick up a few things, and it pretty much confirmed why I never go there. Very pleasant, fancy store... very fancy prices. Friends often say that they find it so affordable, but I just don't see it. Even with the discount card, I still paid a little more than I would've paid normally at Publix. Then again, I'm a store loyalist with obvious bias. Maybe I just haven't learned how to work the system.

I love that last week's broadcast of the National Spelling Bee got pretty darn good ratings for ABC. :) Nice to see that something focusing on intellect could do well with the public! Plus, "ursprache" is my new favorite word.

Right now we're rewatching last Saturday's Doctor Who. It's the first ep in a while that I've wanted to watch over and over, which makes me very happy indeed. Can't wait for the second part on Saturday!

Last night I tried to start a VM ficlet for a friend, but I didn't get very far. Perhaps I'll try again soon, because I'd really like to write more in that fandom.

I'm going to try and do the galacticanews update late tonight. In the meantime, a shall-remain-anonymous benefactor sent me larger versions of the Peabodys photos. I'll be the first (and only) one to say it: I like the dress. So there!