wisteria (wisteria_) wrote,

Sending out an SOS.

Why do I keep falling for completely doomed 'ships? The sexual tension and romance between Olivia and Fitz on Scandal is delicious -- and, well, the only best reason to watch that show. Not that they could ever get together, of course, since he's married and The President. Carrie and Brody on Homeland are fucked-up in a million different ways, and they should NEVER ever ever be a couple because they might actually cause armageddon... but damn they are fascinating, and the one time they did get together was the hottest thing I've seen in ages. And I absolutely adore River and Eleven together on Doctor Who, but their relationship is problematic (I'm still not quite convinced he's in love with her, but he might slowly be getting there), and anyway it looks like Professor Song will be heading to The Library soon. *sob*

At least I'm not deluding myself into happily-ever-after with my 'ships, huh?

On the plus side, I'm writing fic again! Well, trying to write. I have some vague ideas for something set after "The Angels Take Manhattan", but damned if I can figure out what to DO with them. I'll keep trying, though. (And I might be in need of a good DW beta reader. ;)

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