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Rory is a Weasley!

I do adore Doctor Who, even when it's being completely ridiculous.

[I should start with the disclaimer that I'm ridiculously easy to please, fanwanky, and biased!]

I've kinda fallen in love with Rory over the past season. He's just such a stand-up guy. He gets things done, wears his heart on his sleeve, and is generally comfortable in his skin. The reminders of his nursing career were quite welcome, as was just seeing him and Amy live a relatively ordinary life. And I seem to be one of the few fans who still likes Amy. ;) Yeah, I can see where they're getting a bit tiresome, but I do adore their relationship. This episode just proved what a bad call last week's divorce was. Subtracting love = turn into Dalek = screw with the characters to service the plot. I could actually buy Amy's decision to "set him free", and their discussion was long overdue. But that type of plot development is just too huge to be glossed over in the next episode, even after a ten-month gap.

All that said, I really want to write some Rory fic. Last week I thought about one set during their separation, but I couldn't really get the motivations to work -- another reason I hate the divorce thing! Hopefully I'll come up with something, as I'd love to dive into a new story after a two-year (yikes) dry spell.

Also, I'm one of the few who still loves River Song! In the past, I was generally opposed to lovin' on the TARDIS -- I never really warmed to the grand romance of Rose and Ten -- but I've gotten a bit carried away with River and Eleven. *g* Maybe because I just like her so much, and the two of them have marvelous chemistry. She seems like his equal, partly because of the Timelord DNA, but also just in spirit. Unfortunately, the more I think about it, the more problematic the wedding becomes. Ah, well. Despite that, I think there's something there, and I hope Moffat manages to keep her around after the Ponds leave. (And I get frustrated by fans who complain that S6 was "River Song overload". Yes, she was the driving force for much of the season arc, but she only appeared in five episodes and a tiny bit of a sixth. Hmph.)

Not as much to say about Eleven so far this season. For the most part, he is who he always is, and I adore him for it. I've seen some grumbling that he basically murdered Solomon, but I don't think such a dark choice is out-of-character. Unusual, yeah, but not unheard-of. Yes, the Doctor usually gives villains a chance to back off and plead for mercy, but we saw that when Solomon refused to just leave. Eleven decided that he was unredeemable and would just continue the same awful deeds elsewhere. Very dark, particularly within a lightweight episode, but I could buy it.

It looks like the season's theme will be memory and identity. The "Doctor WHO?" bit at the end of the premiere was corny, but the first ep always sets things up. It was all over the premiere, including Oswin -- about whom I'm reserving judgment -- saying "Remember me" straight to the camera. The Doctor has been wiped from the Daleks' mainframe, and Solomon's scanner doesn't register him at all. I know that he wanted everyone to think he died in Utah, but this takes it much further. Clever move in the leadup to the 50th anniversary, I guess, but I'm going to reserve judgment about this arc as well. And if Moffat decides to celebrate the anniversary by revealing the Doctor's real name in the season finale, I'll be impressed by his nerve ... and bring marshmallows for the inevitable fandom freakout. ;)

Rory's dad is Arthur Weasley Brian Williams, huh? That made me laugh as I imagined a certain NBC newsreader in the role. ;) And I'm always pleased to see Rupert Graves! Takes me way back to havng a teensy crush on him in A Room with a View.

Upon rewatching a bunch of recent episodes, I can deduce that someone in the BBC Wales casting office really likes redheads.

Could've done without the crotch jokes, though I suppose all the 7-year-old boys in the audience loved 'em. This would be a great starter episode for my kindergartener nephew. Must mention that to Sis!

So. Yeah. Not a good episode by any means, but it was fun to watch.

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